This week is a case-study in community as a concept. Because people say that Odense isn't big enough for subcultures to grow and thrive independently of each other; that they rely on one another to survive here. That's why the talents move out and the city will never be more than provincial. But the small communities live! And they are what this week is about. Because it's a shared project. The week ends with packed rooms at Mikkeller, when the Bob-tournament with room for 16 competitors kicks off. They promise prizes and a taste of the good life. On Friday, truck and construction equipment enthusiasts from all over Europe will meet up for a convention - and for once they won't be competing to see whose is biggest. Mindfulness - yet another forgotten headline in the self-help anthology - can now be found at Brandts, tethered to the wagon that will bring us closer to art, as a thing to simply be experienced. You, too can be a part of this club! And at last it's all going to be about the big, matronly European community. The huge, forced community that defines us with offers of identity, responsibility and guilt. Freedom, equality, but most of all, fraternity! //Kasper, Bo and Mikkel Kasper Herschend

Sat 23
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