GET INSPIRED Get inspired by a recorder. Yes, you heard me, a recorder.

Concert | Friday d. 26. Feb. 2016 | Islandsgade 2, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Anders Skovgaard

Location: Syddansk Musikkonservatorium
Organizer: Monica Schmidt Andersen & Syddansk Musikkonservatorium

I don’t know why the recorder has become a universally hated instrument; it is not only a silly antipathy, I’d almost call it an ignorant one. The recorder is a sensitive, distinctive and powerful instrument. It can be discreet or dominant, mischievous and experimental. Most people unfortunately don’t see it that way. We all know the cliché of whole generations of children being forced to play this simple flute just so their parents can feel a little culturally justified, but I’ve never in fact met anyone who has been through this traumatic experience in real life. In fact, I know very few people who have held this instrument to their lips and even fewer who have ever heard the sound of it produced by someone who knows what they are doing. And those few who have taken this humble flute seriously have all either become accomplished musicians or devoted fans of its sound.

And here’s your chance. Monica Schmidt Andersen is making her debut as a fully trained recorder player, and she’s a high-caliber bet. I saw her perform at This Is Odense’s street event “Gaden som lærred” (“Street as canvas”) among several other performers. I later learned that I’d also seen her at the public concerts at the Academy a few years earlier, and I think she has a strong stage presence with wonderful elegance and control. My knowledge of the instrument is not extensive, but I permit myself the privilege of liking it nonetheless.

I haven’t been to that many recorder concerts, but every now and then the instruments pops up in other places, especially at Bach concerts. I love Bach and if you spend any time getting to know his music, you learn to admire the recorder.

I don’t know the specifics program for Monica’s debut concert but the advertisement promises a fierce and energetic selection of baroque compositions that represent Monica’s various inspirations over the years.

Monica Schmidt Andersen has studied at the National Danish Academy of Music and is bringing a selection of other musicians onstage for her debut concert in the form of The Nordic Baroque Band (NBB), consisting of Johannes Jacobsson (violin), Søren Storm (violin), Jeanette Eriksson (viola), Magnus Malmros (cello) and Mogens Fangel Damm (harpsichord) and Trio Nebula, consisting of Els van der Weij (saxophone) and Ruud Roelofsen (percussion) and Krydsfelt: Nicolas Koch-Simms (hurdy-gurdy).

The concert has free admission and you read more about Monica, her work and her skills here: 

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