Winteratmosphere at The Studio Gallery Dive down into the winter darkness with evocative art

Winteratmosphere at The Studio Gallery
| Tuesday d. 30. Dec. - Saturday d. 3. Jan. 2014 | Ny Vestergade 13, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Bo Jessen

Location: The Studio Gallery
Organizer: The Studio Gallery

Balancing on the border between the inner city and the relatively indefinable pice of Vesterbro called Vesterbro, there is a small and relatively new art gallery. This little gem, run by artist couple Shaun G. Day and Christina James Nielsen, is also the latter’s atelier.

Currently on display are works under the theme “Winter atmosphere” – a perfect frame for contemplation. Some of the works hit the fragility and discouragement that I associate with the seasonal mood; of which Teresa Larsen’s photogravures of the animal kingdom deserve a special mention. Unfortunately, the exhibition lacks some kind of common thread: that is, it includes very different artists with everything from pottery, to oil paintings, to sculptural drawings in metal thread.

Still, the gallery is worth a visit and all the works are on sale.

Opening hours:
- Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday: 10AM-4PM
- Friday: noon-6PM
Closed on Dec. 31.

Link to the event

Written by Bo Jessen

Odense er et had-kærlighedsforhold. Det er byen som betyder meget for mig, men som jeg kun kan bo i hvis jeg lægger mine kræfter i at forandre den. Jeg føler et ansvar for hver halvfyldte koncert o...

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