Female Festival Goodbye to the Odense controlled (exclusively) by old men

Female Festival
Festival | Friday d. 24. Feb. - Sunday d. 26. Feb. 2017 | Nørregade 60, Odense C | Price: 100 Kr. | Buy tickets here | Written by: Bo Jessen | Translated by: Pil Lindgreen

Location: Ungdomshuset Odense
Organizer: Ungdomshuset + Dansk Kvindesamfund

Odense is controlled by old men with dead money. Men with grey Audis who believe that the pinnacle of human existence - and the highest aspiration for any Odensian - is to buy a mansion in Hunderup, wear a tux, get wasted and sing masonic songs, arm in arm with other people whose favourite hobby is counting their money, Scrooge McDuck-style.

But enough is enough! The new feminist slogans are laser-cut, strummed on pink guitars or twerked in your face at Female Festival, its first incarnation taking place at Ungdomshuset from Friday to Sunday this week.

A young girl's wish to make a Free the Nipple print for a t-shirt at Ungdomshuset's workshop a few months ago was the starting point of a festival that has managed to put together an impressively diverse program in a very short time; and that's gender diversity as well as a diversity in opinions, which reflects the broad range of voices calling themselves feminist in Denmark today.

Whenever feminism is debated on the pages of Politiken and Information - by Redstockings versus promiscous young women wearing purple lipstick and/or Burberry scarves claiming their right to be sexual aggressors - several interesting ideologies and ideas of freedom are exposed between the lines, ranging from echoes of the liberal feminism of rights of Mary Wollstonecraft, to post-structural gender constructivism, and socialist-feminist focus on cultural and economic suppression.

This is why today's feminists can be on both sides of the argument for and against prostitution, pornography or gender quotas, and why Mette Fugl and Nikita Klæstrup can disagree on whether exposing your chest is a feminist act or not. They disagree on the basic premise: what makes a human being free?

But maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself here.

It is commendable that this festival displays the diversity of feminism today with guests ranging from Karina Willumsen and Johanne Mygind doing radio cinema and a feminist sing-a-long, stand-up comedian Sanne Søndergaard debating gender, and Twerk Queen Louise hosting a twerkshop (!). Not to mention a bona fide hit for the young crowd: Lucy Love.

Female Festival is a reminder that women are VJs, rappers, digital artists, filmmakers, songwriters, teachers and much more. Explore the impressive programme here: http://femalefestival.dk/index.php/koncert-og-fest/

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