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Physics Film Festival
Movie | Friday d. 10. Nov. 2017 | Brandts Passage 39, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Jens Krog | Translated by: Pil Lindgreen

Location: Cafe biografen
Organizer: Inspire Educate Innovate, CP3-Origins, SDU

Antimatter, the God particle, and black holes. These days, the mysteries of the world are being described with terms and concepts from science. More often than not, physics gets to tell the saga of primeval energy, substance and power, not religion or spirituality.

It might be a bit of a paradox that a physics - a class that most students would love to skip - is also the source of so many great stories about our crazy world: take the existence of antimatter, or how time slows down near a black hole. This is not science fiction in the vein of teleportation in “Star Trek” or “Rick and Morty” - this is just the beginning of the long and fantastical story of scientific progress, the treasures it has yielded, and the heroes in math and physics who have spent their lives extracting these gems.

Not only is Odense home to frontline research in the field of elementary particles, dark matter and cosmology, but these same scientists have gone through the trouble of organising a science film festival at Cafe biografen. This is your chance to find out when and how Hollywood has been cheating you! Real-life physicists - both local and world-famour international stars - will be there to talk about their work and explain physics to non-physicists.

If you ever wondered why they dug a 27-kilometre tunnel through the Swiss mountains in order to shoot particles at 99% of the speed of light through it, this is the moment to find out.

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Written by Jens Krog

Odense er for mig, ligesom mange andre byer, hvad man gør den til. Hvis man kun lever i sin lejlighed og på sit arbejde, så forbliver byen blot cykelturen imellem de to,...

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