George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at Posten Crazy FUNK-party with Dr. Funkenstein himself

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at Posten
| Saturday d. 23. Jun. 2018 | Østre Stationsvej 35, Odense C | Price: 325 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Mie Leonora Heiberg | Translated by: Laura Malahovska

Location: Musikhuset Posten
Organizer: Posten og Komos Festival

George Clinton and his funk collective will undoubtedly create a awesome party with sweet bass riffs and legendary drum rhythms this Saturday.

Funk's grandfather - or Dr. Funkenstei, as he also likes to call himself - is a bit of a music legend. He was the man who carried the legacy of Marvin Gaye and slammed groovy rhythms down over the 70's dance floors with his P-funk - a mix of rock and funk - George Clinton's very own recipe.

When the times changed, Clinton did too. He has developed his 70's funk style and experimented with incorporating rap and hip hop in his works. At the same time, he has also helped various big music names such as Red Hot Chili Peppers put a funky fingerprint in their music (the album Freaky Styley is produced by Mr. Clinton).

The old Clinton hits such as Atomic Dog and Bring the Funk have also survived in recent editions. Music Producer Dr. Dre for example has sampled more of the P-funk rhythms and revived the gangsta rap - it can be heard in tracks such as Snoop Dog’s Who Am I from 1993.

Even at 76 years-old, George Clinton is still as funky as ever. So there is no excuse not to go get your groove on.

And should you still be in doubt, remember these words from Dr. Funkenstein himself: "Funk is anything you need it to be to save your life."

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Written by Mie Leonora Heiberg

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