Opening Party for Den Fynske Ølbar Localism for Beginners

Opening Party for Den Fynske Ølbar
Other | Sunday d. 1. Jul. 2018 | Odense | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Jens Krog | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen

Location: Odense by
Organizer: Den Fynske Ølbar

Many of my friends have moved to Copenhagen. And that’s sad. Because they’re far away, of course, but also because I sometimes get the gnawing feeling that I’m missing out on something. One of the things that eases the blow is when my old friends insist that most of the specialty beers to be found in the cursed Capital city are imported from Denmark’s own Provence: Fyn.

This may sound like a bunch of localist-patriotic bragging, but you know what: That’s the point. Here on Fyn, we brew good beer. IPA’s, pilsners, stouts, etc. All across the island, the microbreweries are blooming and it’s about damn time that we get our own localist-patriotic Fynsk beerhouse! They’ve already got one in Copenhagen.

And now we do, too. It’s situated on Overgade and its grand opening is this Sunday. There will be six straight hours of free tastings, so you might as well plan on leaving your keys at home and telling your significant other to pick you up. Cheers!

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Written by Jens Krog

Odense er for mig, ligesom mange andre byer, hvad man gør den til. Hvis man kun lever i sin lejlighed og på sit arbejde, så forbliver byen blot cykelturen imellem de to,...

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