Blam! I want to break free!

| Wednesday d. 22. Aug. - Saturday d. 25. Aug. 2018 | Ny Vestergade 18, Odense C | Price: 230 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Jens Krog | Translated by: Laura Malahovska

Location: Teater Momentum
Organizer: Teater Momentum

It’s quite thought-provoking that after a thousand years of development in technology, society and even ourselves, we have chosen to steer in the directions where more and more of us are pacified at desks in front of our computers, in our offices for most of our waking hours. If we really are created in God's own image, I’m a little disappointed in Him.

Fortunately, most of us can’t escape from that bit of wildness that bubbles under our skin. Maybe we don’t know how yet. However, in "Blam!", you can get a demonstration. Four office workers break out of the collective mind and transform the office landscape into a battlefield for drama of the very best class. Is it really possible to do a backflip from an adjustable desk?

The message in "Blam!" is non-verbal but has resulted in sold-out shows worldwide. Perhaps, "Blam!" just reminds us to find the happiness in everyday life, no matter where we are, or perhaps the piece is an invitation to take back the control of your own life.

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Written by Jens Krog

Odense er for mig, ligesom mange andre byer, hvad man gør den til. Hvis man kun lever i sin lejlighed og på sit arbejde, så forbliver byen blot cykelturen imellem de to,...

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