Nobody but a princess The crown jewel in a patchwork festival

Nobody but a princess
| Wednesday d. 22. Aug. - Saturday d. 25. Aug. 2018 | Flakhaven, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Jens Krog | Translated by: Laura Malahovska

Location: Flakhaven
Organizer: HCA Festivals

This week's other recommendations, though not evident, are all a part of the giant "HCA Festivals". I haven’t had time to study all the events, because there are so many. As you might have noticed, it’s not necessarily the cool events that are particularly related to H.C. Andersen. On the other hand, it seems that most events are included in the programme, as long as they fall within the theme in one way or another.

For outsiders, HCA Festivals is hard to understand. Perhaps it has become so big that it has almost got its own life. One thing is certain, and it’s that the festival presents a huge show at Flakhaven every year as a kind of crown jewel of the festival. The show usually impresses with a swarm of dancers, acrobats, and singers, as well as laser show and fireworks. H.C. Andersen's tales are translated in a modern setting that takes our old poet's fairy tales into the new millennium.

It's hard to predict the nature of the show, except that it’ll be overwhelming. As the festival itself, it’s a combination of imaginable and unthinkable facets. I especially remember the big Danish flag created by a swarm of luminous drones. I’m quite sure, they can trump that this year.

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Written by Jens Krog

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