Vera’s second hand sale Wednesday to Saturday. The prices drop daily, until end at 40kr a piece. How much money do you have? How long do you dare to wait?

Vera’s second hand sale
| Wednesday d. 2. Jan. - Saturday d. 5. Jan. 2019 | Pogestræde 22, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: My Rasmussen | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen

Location: Veras
Organizer: Veras Odense

You know it’s no good. This whole thing about all of us needing new stuff all the time. And that it has to be cheap. All the sweat shop seamstresses in the third world can’t keep up. Neither can the planet. All that stuff. The production of it. The transportation. The destruction of it.

If you buy used clothes, you get to write off your White Guilt. Some of it. A bit like buying fenced goods four generations out. It’s almost like they haven’t been stolen from someone. Used clothes are almost CO2 neutral and almost haven’t given some underprivileged person terminal dye-poisoning.

And then there’s the fact that it’s boring as hell for all of us to walk around wearing the same things, in the same cut and colors.  Which may be the least self-flagellating, most aesthetically based attitude towards the consumption of clothing in this text. And important. Because I LOVE clothes. But like a good cultural christian in an over privileged country, I always remember to be properly ashamed and guilty.  

Vera’s concept is enticing because you can change your clothes as often as you like without actually participating in overconsumption. Have your cake and eat it, too? You can trade in your used clothes for points, which you can shop with, while your clothes live on upon other bodies. Use the shop any time here.

And this week you can actually, physically visit them in Pogestræde 22. I’ll see you there with my nails digging into your face as we scramble for the shirt we’ve set our sights on.

Link to the event

Written by My Rasmussen

Jeg pilede, så snart jeg kunne. Løb til hovedstaden efter gymnasiet. Og trak den osende Københavnerluft i 12 år, inden jeg vendte hjem. Onde boligpriser skubbede - nære relationer og en ny positiv ...

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