Tea Party x Exchange Tea, cake and imaginary cartographies in a graphic exchange between Bristol and Odense

Tea Party x Exchange
Exhibition | Saturday d. 15. Jun. 2019 | Hans Jensens Stræde 18, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Pil Lindgreen | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen

Location: Fyns Grafiske Værksted
Organizer: Fyns Grafiske Værksted

The Bristol Print Collective from the south of England meet local graphic designer, Gry Holst and exchange perspectives on their hometowns through bold, sharp linoleum prints. You can meet them for artistic conversations across an English tea table.

Jemma Gunning, Victoria Willmott, and Lisa Marie Davies stand for a method of tangible, quick, and portable analog art printing, emancipated from expensive equipment and heavy machinery. They make plant prints at farmers markets in Bristol, as an example of one of the many ways they explore chronicling the places that they inhabit. Most eye-catching are Victoria Willmott’s “imagined, remembered narrative maps” – a cartography of the imagination? – which she also produced in Odense during the art collective’s last month-long stay here in 2017. On her colorful city map I recognize the arch of the graphic design workshop, the city hall, St. Alban's Church’s silhouette, and Odense Theater’s curves.

And there’s a paper boat in the stream in Eventyrhaven. But also an excavator and a crane. Construction equipment made by small linoleum stamps perfectly suits a town under construction, like ours. Every part must be moved and rearranged. Victoria Willmott was inspired to freely reinvent the city’s landscape by the construction site around the workshop. Her resulting collage is playful and collage-like. Something to consider, now that the city is finding a more rigid shape with tall hardened concrete blocks, where there recently was only a hole in the ground. The local, Gry Holst has continued working with printing ever since. Have a look. We are going to need new imaginative and imaginary maps to chart images of the town as it is becoming. Will become.

Now the group is assembled again under the banner of international exchange, where guest graphic designers live and work at the workshop. See the fruits of their conversations at the exhibition ‘Exchange’, which opened on the 31st of May and can be experienced until the 25th of June. Also this Saturday, when all the artists will be present.

Free and open to everyone.

Link to the event

Written by Pil Lindgreen

Jeg er født her, og kan ikke skille byen fra mig selv. Jeg har været igennem alle faser af had, kærlighed og ligegyldighed. Som teenager gik jeg talløse, rastløse ture, som altid syntes at ende på ...

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