Born to be wild Some exciting things have happened in the couple of days it's taken This Is Odense to publish

Born to be wild
Exhibition | Saturday d. 24. Aug. 2019 | Jernbanegade 13, 5000 Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Kasper Herschend | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen

Location: Det Fynske Kunstakademi
Organizer: Det Fynske Kunstakademi - Funen Art Academy & H.C. Andersen Festivals

The producer wrote the following in their description on the Facebook event: “In H.C. Andersen’s Fairy Tales from 1869, George Brandes writes: “I know of no Poet, whose talent is less ‘sexy’, whose genius has less of a defined gender than Andersen’s.” This description is undoubtedly meant to be derogatory, but it does elucidate how gender and sexuality are undefined in Andersen’s life and writing. In the fictive space of fairy tales, fantastical creatures abound and boundaries are diffuse. We want to focus on powerful performances. Whether this be performances that are exaggerated, high intensity, or especially penetrating. These will be performances that don’t attempt to create authentic or naturalistic meetings between performer and audience, but rather are inspired by the drama and cultural appropriation that is expressed in Power Yoga classes in fitness centers countrywide.”

I thought:

Promising! – And then have to remind myself that the whole point is powerful performances – and not only that, but powerful performances inspired by a mysterious academic concept AND Georg Brandes?

But I have a hard time seeing the connection between the proposed androgeny of Andersen’s writing and the powerful performances presented as a result.

I don’t know – possibly because of a lack of a membership –what kind of cultural appropriation Power Yoga in fitness centers is perpetrating. And I don’t really know what to expect when the performances in this event are meant to be inspired by it. But I do take note of the “exaggerated, high-intensity, or especially penetrating” aspects and let the artists ambitions in this direction stand as a good reason to stop by Jernbanegade 13 on Saturday.

Note: Some time has passed in the couple of days it’s taken This Is Odense to publish, and this has resulted in the people behind this performance updating their description of “Born To Be Wild.”

The new text is as follows: “One day performance exhibition at Funen Art Academy.
The exhibition explores queer futurism in fairy tales: A world of hybrid bodies, mermaids, and princesses, post-human imaginary spaces.

The exhibition is curated by Rune Finseth and part of H.C. Andersen Festivals.

NB! There will be nudity, strobe and laser light, explicit sexual content, smoke and moments of unexpected chaos. We advise children under the age of 13 to be in company of an adult.”

- Which doesn’t make things less interesting. But it was easier for me to write about the event before the young, wild artists buckled under the pressure of the communications department.

Link to the event

Written by Kasper Herschend

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