Generation Krop The body, it's own

Generation Krop
Theatre | Saturday d. 26. Sep. - Sunday d. 27. Sep. 2020 | Ny Vestergade 18, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Anders Skovgaard | Translated by: Christoffer Henneberg

Location: Teater Momentum
Organizer: Teater Momentum

The body have become the battlefield of our age. We ask and discuss who has the right to it, how it should look and how much we can manipulate with it. There seems to be as many different opinions as there are bodies. The body is politics, biology, poetry, erotic, an illusion, a problem, a temple and indeed almost anything between heaven and earth. Perhaps this is not so surprising since every single body seems to be our own, whether one feels caught or comfortable in it.

Whereas Descartes investigated the soul, Kant cognition and Freud our consciousness, we prefer to grope our bodies. The mind has by way of the brain become a lot more bodily with signals, nerve cells, glia cells and so forth. It is physical and as much a part of the body as if it was a specialized wrist, that made it all stick together. But in a way that might be typical for our time, it is actually the opposite. The body has sense and sensibilities too, as if it was separated from the mind. Experiences are no longer a part of our memory but of our bodies. The body remembers. The body fights back. The body is unruly. It is like an uncontrollable part of yourself. Even though mankind probably haven’t had so much knowledge as it has now, our language discloses that we still don’t know that much about body and spirit. These concepts are changeable according to the situation.

However, this is not so surprising. It is in any case hard to fathom that the body is the most immediate, the most private and in fact our only access to the world, while at the same time we are acutely aware that in the end it is not much more than the very ground we tread upon. In the end our bodies turn to grass, as Mufasa explains to Simba. The binary opposites will inevitable make it more dualistically difficult to see any meaning in the universe.

In Sydhavn Theater’s performance Generation Krop there is a sharp focus on the body. Especially young female bodies, where shame, self-loathing and pressure from social media are the predominant themes. The male body is apparently not interesting enough. In a fusion of movement, sound and words the ideals of beauty are confronted along with the negative streams of thought that are running through our minds on a daily basis. So what are you thinking of your body? And what is your body thinking of you?

Sydhavn Theater have long been spearheaded by Mille Maria Dalsgaard. The theatre have developed a style that really sets it apart from other theater groups. Often it will experiment with challenging spaces as a stage. A dirty camping caravan, a chapel or a swimming bath which was the first location for Generation Krop. Now it has put on the stage instead, but that should not affect the quality. Mille Maria Dalsgaard is educated in Berlin which is often apparent in the style of performances and projects. They make good use of the more performative kind of theater where we are not allowed to indulge in illusion but are constantly reminded that what we see is theater. But the world is theater. It is absurd, grotesque, exagerrated, symbolic and so forth, so the form will remind us of that and that we often seem to choose the comforting illusion instead of the more conscious choice.

I don’t how much more intelligent we will become from watching Generation Krop, but that is perhaps not the point. It might be sufficient to just be reminded that the body is a body with all the dilemmas, feelings and conflicts it contains in our society and age. You can watch their brilliant trailer here:

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Written by Anders Skovgaard

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