Teater Momentum Anarchistic stage art and the creative foyer of the city

Teater Momentum
Culture | Ny Vestergade 18, Odense C | Written by: Mira Erik | 124 recommendations

It smells like Berlin, because of the industrious, creative entrepreneurial desire and limited funds.

The place has an aura of the squatter-environments and backstreet theatres of the past. It tastes like anarchy, of wild energy. The poster-fetischism of the 80s greets you in the foyer, and if you do not know anyone at the bar, you know someone, who knows someone at the bar – they probably studied art or performance together.

The Momentum Theatre ecchoes the homes of your childhood, where the adults were never home, where the doors were always open, where everyone was, but no one was ever visiting. It is the Wienercafé of the city, the salon of the intellectuals. It is where you can argue your way through artistic movements and have angry opinions about the established Parnassus of old, white men with dead money. It is where people are beautiful and fashion plunging backs and second-hand stilettos and entirely original outfits. This is the place of the party with expectations for life.

The theatre serves a steady stream of stage art in all shapes and sizes – and at a price so affordable that even the poorest artisti soul can quench his thirst abundantly. Theatre, modern dance, concerts, lectures, movies, the whole shebang: Momentum Theatre is a theatre with everything coming up – including love.

  • Mon - Sun: 10.00 - 02.00
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