Pop-up-readalouds Bridge poetry in your everyday life

| Sunday d. 6. Mar. 2016 | Østre Stationsvej 35, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Anders Skovgaard

Location: Byens Bro
Organizer: Odense Lyrikfestival

Poetry in the everyday life. The bridge, poems and everyday life meet at Odense Lyriks pop-up-reading sessions around and about in Odense on March 6th. The organizers should be punished for giving me very little information about the whats, whos, wheres and whys of the event (yeah yeah, pop-up must indeed be unannounced). They write that the event is going to be in different places in Odense during the day, but at the same time they inform that something is happening at 3PM at Byens Bro — the City's Bridge. Why? Well, poetry can build bridges, so they say. Which is fine and surely true too, but a bit more information about the background motives for the event would have been nice, especially since we'll have to endure below-zero temperatures and snow showers.

Why am I writing about this event? Simple. I simply want to say thank to the organizer for giving us the word "Popopoplæsning" (Pop-up-reading session), which mostly sounds like the name of a Greek football player. A lovely word, impossible to repeat 20 times in a row without the tongue twisting on itself. And the idea behind the event is good. If this article can in some way make people slightly more aware and receptive towards poetry in everday life on March 6th, then this event is worth a recommendation.

The event is also clearly thought as an appetizer for what awaits us next week, when Odense Lyrikfestival (a.k.a. OL16) will take place. One of Odense's small pearls, which is often forgotten. Their programme is usually quite good. I normally look very much forward to the festival, and even more this time, as two colleagues from Theater Momentum — authors Tomas Lagermand Lundme and Lone Hørslev — will drop by and read some of their pieces. They are both amazing artists in each their own way. But enough on that. It's not until next week. Until then, you can enjoy the poetry in your everyday life, wherever it will pop-up at on March 6th.

Link to the event

Written by Anders Skovgaard

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