Kirsten Klein Landscape photography at Galleri5000

Kirsten Klein
| Monday d. 1. Dec. - Wednesday d. 31. Dec. 2014 | Filosofgangen 3, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Jacob Keinicke

Location: Galleri 5000
Organizer: Galleri5000

I just want to take pictures spontaneously, without having necessarily to use them for a purpose. (Kirsten Klein, interview in Nordjyske )

To say something like this is praiseworthy, refreshing and seductive for one like me, who feels soaked by the real-world demands for usable material. I have gradually built up a penetrating need to be completely useless, unimportant, and free to find and impose on myself my own requirements. That being said, it’s also quite easy to say something like that while drinking coffee and living off the public artist's funds.

When I recommend an exhibition of landscape photography, it’s not without a certain apathy. Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to feel when I see the winding road, the cornfield, the windmill (in b/w). I have no idea how I should feel about the horizon. I don’t know what I should feel for the stream though the forest. It’s beautiful. But everything is. The esthetic experience fills me for two seconds, and then it’s gone again. What the hell is wrong? Is everything supposed to happen at this terrible tempo? We (not you of course – us, the internetsmashs-loop-types) have a problem. Who will ever go in depth with anything ever again? Seriously – I’ve checked four of Kirsten’s shots, and I feel like I have decoded what I can decode… they’re all so trivial. Therefore, I will force myself once again to the landscape photo exhibition. And to you, who read up until here, don’t excuse us.. I’m also a bit angry today.. especially on the Internet and all that “usability”. See you at the landscape.

PS: Klein is undeniably excellent, award-winning and in all ways a role model in her field. 

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Written by Jacob Keinicke

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