Bad Company Among Originals, Copies, Children and Drunk People

Bad Company
| Saturday d. 25. Apr. 2015 | Skibhusvej 115, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Jakob Cæsius Krohn

Location: Vognhjulet
Organizer: Vognhjulet

On one of my numerous “shortcuts” on the way home from my kolonihave, I got helplessly lost far off any beaten track. But all of a sudden, I heard well-known live music coming from behind a high hill, and I immediately felt at home. “I’ve found Kim Larsen’s secret practice room”, I must have thought to myself. Some time later, when the building burnt to the ground, I finally found out that the place served as a shelter for the mentally disabled. It’s hard to draw the line between what’s normal, crazy, or just absolutely genius — just as Kim Melius Flyvholm Larsen (even the name is totally unique).

Sure, Larsen is no innovator - but he’s no copycat either. Many people in Odense can’t even put up with him on the streets: he does bike on the sidewalk, and has even the courage to whistle. But the day he won’t be around anymore, well, I can promise there’s going to be quiet in the streets. He’s one of a kind. Still, Vognhjulet (The Wagon Wheel) talks about “the real deal” in their press release for a concert of the ‘copy-band’ En Lille Pose Støj.

Whether they will play better, worse, or (for that matter) like mentally challenged people, I don’t care: this is about having a convivial evening at a random pub in the Skibhuskvarter. I have - at irregular intervals - taken the death route with Den Evige Terp. Previously, we would start at Remo Bar, but after losing a lottery and fleeing head over heels from the obligation to buy a round for everyone, we switched to Vognhjulet. The next place is usually Corner, immortalized in Morten Ramsland's collection of short stories "Hundehoved"; it is however a bit too ‘literary’ for our taste. After that, we head to our favorite place: Ungarsk Vinstue. This place will definitely get a separate blog post another time. And the same goes of course for the one and only Mr. Larsen.

Text: Jakob Jastrau

Photo: Helene Krohn

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Written by Jakob Cæsius Krohn

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