Culture cluster workshop They need it. They'll do it. And soon you will too. Be there!

Culture cluster workshop
Talk and debate | Saturday d. 3. Dec. 2016 | Londongade 1, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Mira Erik | Translated by: Pil Lindgreen

Location: Havnepladsen
Organizer: Kulturklyngen

An independent culture hub with room for alternative venues. Music, dramatic arts, contenporary art, street culture and start-ups. If you're involved in any of the above and you need people to hook up with because we're stronger together, the culture cluster is the place to be. Silo√łen on the harbour is where you'll find them, currently working to establish a creative home for people of all creeds, including studio spaces, workshops, and stages: a hub for niche arts gathered under one roof.

On Saturday, you can meet these people: there will be an open workshop where everyone can pitch in with their own ideas. Let the people be united! Find the programme for the day here, it's all about the harbour and culture. If you are fired up, show up!

Link to the event

Written by Mira Erik

Odense er det sted, jeg bor. Og derfor er det det sted, jeg lever. Og elsker og synger og cykler og spiser. Det er her mine mennesker er og her mine fester er. Det er her min vrede er for det er he...

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