Winter diving in the harbour pool You don't want - but you should!!!

Winter diving in the harbour pool
| Monday d. 6. Mar. - Friday d. 31. Mar. 2017 | Gamle Havnekaj 1, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Brian Lindskov Larsen | Translated by: Irina Antonescu

Location: Havnebadet
Organizer: Odense havnebad

You can still make it. In a month it will be so mild that it does not really apply, but right now the temperature in the harbor pool is six degrees - just fine for beginners like me, who haven’t really winter bathed before. Fine in the way that there’s not really brash ice, but still an outright shock when you dive in. And I know it well. You do not want to go outside wearing swimwear in the middle of a howling March wind and sink your body down into the icy water, but you should do it anyway. Because it works.

First sauna, until you sweat and feel way too hot. Then out in the cold, where the temperature difference is so great that all your body is steaming. Then wait a few minutes, so the body is sufficiently cool that you don’t get heart failure, then just throw your body into the water. After 10 seconds (if you’re an amateur) it will really, really feel like running into the sauna again. The procedure is then repeated as needed.

And then you’re fresh – so damn fresh. Regardless of how you’ve slept at night or how much hangover you’re suffering from, you’re there standing on tiptoe, with eyes wide open and adrenaline and endorphins racing around in your body. Perfect before a mind cleaning or some project deadline, I would say.

Winter swimming is to be done with friends (certainly not alone!) – And if you don’t have such masochist friends, you can always meet them at Odins Vig, the winter bathing club.



The winter season (September 1st to May 31st) 3 hours a day
Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 06:30 to 09:30
Tuesday and Thursday - 18:00 to 21:00
Weekend - 08:00 to 11:00

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Written by Brian Lindskov Larsen

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