Spring bath in the harbor swimming pool Spring is coming

Spring bath in the harbor swimming pool
| Monday d. 26. Mar. - Sunday d. 1. Apr. 2018 | Gamle Havnekaj 1, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Jens Krog | Translated by: Francois Picard

Location: Havnebadet
Organizer: Dig selv

Or. It may wait, but there’s no need to sit inside and lurk. This recommendation may be a bit early but, on the other hand, some have bathed all winter long. We must remember that we actually have a pretty nice swimming pool in the middle of the harbor INCLUDING sauna. And don’t forget that it is free!

Swimming or just plain bathing is wonderful. And healthy. Outside the high season, a cold shiver followed by a sauna is one of the best way to break the dull state of our carcass. When the sun gets some power back, this little concrete island with a pool transforms itself into a bath mecca, and in the summer, it can definitely get stuffy. But the next month or two months after, there is probably better room.

It's amazing that we can have this harbor bath to ourselves without having to calculate profits for the common goods. On the other hand, we must remember, ourselves and each other, that they are there. Then, the cold water must remember you in return that you are living.

The harbor bath is open most of the days so you can show up whenever you want, but it may be better to make an appointment with someone, as long as the weather stays so fresh. Hurry up, so you can have the right to have fun with your partner over your first year's bath!

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Written by Jens Krog

Odense er for mig, ligesom mange andre byer, hvad man gør den til. Hvis man kun lever i sin lejlighed og på sit arbejde, så forbliver byen blot cykelturen imellem de to,...

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