Barfly - Young Art at Odense Harbour Five artists curate each their own bar

Barfly - Young Art at Odense Harbour
Exhibition | Friday d. 15. Nov. 2019 | Østersøgade, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Elena Stanciu | Translated by: Pil Lindgreen

Location: Byens Ø
Organizer: Nanne Jul

The idea of a bar that exhibits art is just as appealing to some as it probably is scandalous to others. The latter are those whose reading of an art piece must be done against the clean and sharp white wall. Ironically, the white wall is an entity stained with pre-set meanings, socially formulated expectations, and often carefully curated modes for us to take in exhibited artworks. We know how to move in a ‘white cube’ space – how to dress, how to gently take our hand to our chin – showing or feigning intrigue, how to be meditative and appear pensive. It becomes its own art (if not too strong a word) piece – a performance that engages our bodies according to very clear scripts.

It’s always fun to short-circuit these tableaux of high-brow puppetry and push art viewers out of their comfort zone by creating spaces that don’t subscribe to art world scripts, that just go off the rails in beautiful, honest, gratifying ways.

Placed in the charmingly gritty Blue Neighbourhood, down at Odense Harbour, this show has a tone of mutiny about it; inverted contemporary moods that thrive in a vibrant periphery – I get a Nighthawks vibe, set in a Mad Max world. Or, you know, it’s just five artists curating each their own bar in their respective aesthetic - Nanne Jul, Rachel Qvist Richards, Signe Maria Friis, Andreas Smed and Rumle Larsen.

Drink responsibly!

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Written by Elena Stanciu

Elena has an MA in American Studies from SDU, and currently works as Features Editor for arts and culture publication PETRIe. She is interested in visual culture and contemporary art, design an...