Not a Bigot. Full stop. Open Advice - Lambda, Foreningen for homo, biseksuelle og transpersoner på Fyn

Not a Bigot. Full stop.
Other | Monday d. 23. Dec. 2019 | Brogade 3, 5000 Odense C, Danmark | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Elena Stanciu

Location: Café Lambda
Organizer: Lambda, Foreningen for homo, biseksuelle og transpersoner på Fyn

Gender and sexuality are today’s most significant battlegrounds. That they are battlegrounds at all, as we step into a new decade of the third millennium, is baffling. Capital punishment for homosexuality, transphobic discourse, limited civil rights for same-sex couples, regimented discrimination on sexual and gender basis – they all stall our progress, complicate our politics and return humanity to very basic challenges that blur what we thought were universal agreements on ethical issues.

Many of these struggles seem planetary, of global urgency – we should all be deeply hurt that in some parts of the world, men and women are murdered for their gender or sexual identity. How can we inhabit the same world and allow that to happen? But the pain is stronger than what we can handle, and we sweep these reports under a rug of shame we seem to be constantly weaving. But all these struggles start “small” – at an interpersonal level; where empathy and understanding can escalate into global tolerance, rather than regimes of bigotry.

Our local LGBTQ+ association, Lambda, holds a weekly Open Advice evening – for those who want to talk about their own sexuality and gender identity, but also for those whose friends or family are not cisgender or heterosexual. There’s a bit of a catch 22 here – where those who need advice the most, in order to deal with their own intolerance, lack the self-awareness to actually go and get advice.

Nevertheless, this is an important opportunity, to spend time with people with similar experiences and similar struggles. And, be honest – if you’ve ever uttered the words: “I’m not transphobic or homophobic, but…”, chances are you are a little transphobic or homophobic, and you might use this advice session to turn that “but” into a full stop.

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Written by Elena Stanciu

Elena has an MA in American Studies from SDU, and currently works as Features Editor for arts and culture publication PETRIe. She is interested in visual culture and contemporary art, design an...