Local asparagus Visit Sanderumgaard on Saturday and buy Funen-grown asparagus! Enjoy with seasalt and open eyes!

Local asparagus
Other | Saturday d. 23. May. 2020 | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Elena Stanciu

Organizer: Sanderumgaard Romantiske Have

Many things have changed in the past couple of months. Many things, however, have remained the same. The corona crisis showed we’re in this together, but that, at the end of the day, some are more together than others. Yes,  you're in the right place – this article is about asparagus, and about how you should buy some from local producers on Funen! Bear with me! 

But today, asparagus is more than a nutrition-packed, cancer-fighting, vitamin-bomb vegetable. In early April, a sliver of the usual invisibility of European economic migrants became violently visible, as the “asparagus flights” started landing at a Dutch airport. Bound from Romania and Hungary, they were bringing in unskilled labourers to work at German asparagus farms. They were in it together – risking a shortage of fresh, local produce. Unskilled labour suddenly became “essential work,” and required that someone sacrificed their safety, while others kept one another strong via virtual hugs and solidarity hashtags. As expected, the initial consternation over long-ignored underpaid migrant labour and poor working conditions seems to have died out, and all essential labourers have returned to their quiet, invisible productivity. 

So, perhaps, for everyone else, asparagus is not really more than a nutrition-packed, cancer-fighting, vitamin-bomb vegetable. For me – personally impacted by economic migration within the EU and, as an immigrant to Denmark, simultaneously feeling in the way and not enough – asparagus has inadvertently become a symbol. But, still, a delicious and nutritious one! 

As I write this, I’m sorry to realize that I haven’t taken the time to learn whether the local asparagus I will be enjoying this Saturday is grown with local or migrant labour. One more reason to visit Sanderumgaard!  

PS: Sanderumgaard sells asparagus every Saturday until June 12. You must place an order before Friday in the week you want to buy it, at e.vind@sanderumgaard.dk. 

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Written by Elena Stanciu

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