Walking is broken Handstand workshop in Odense

Walking is broken
Sport | Sunday d. 12. Jul. 2020 | Østersøgade, Odense C | Price: 100 Kr. | Written by: Elena Stanciu | Translated by: Christoffer Henneberg

Location: Byens Ø
Organizer: Mikkel Schleicher - Håndstand, fleksibilitet og kropsvægtstræning

Referring to a handstand artist, circus artist and professor John-Paul Zaccarini writes: “She creates a piece about a person who walks on her hands in a world designed for people who walk on their feet.” This desire to turn the world upside down, by turning oneself upside down, speaks to a complex creative process of the circus artist, usually a space not available to us. 

Zaccarini goes on to note: “I don’t think she does this out of boredom, but perhaps from dissatisfaction. (...) In some way, walking might be broken. It is broken insofar as it is not enough. The circus artist, the dancer, the rock-climber and snowboarder, the parkour enthusiast, the roller skating drag queen question it, reinvent it, adapt it.” 

Of all the things that make me dissatisfied (and I find dissatisfaction to be quite a positive driving force), it never occurred to me that I could be dissatisfied with walking. When walking makes me tired, I just sit down, I put it on pause, I don’t challenge its structural make-up. But I recognise the beauty of the intellectual exercise, even if (or especially because) the physical one eludes me. It’s also a necessary exercise in empathy, which can uncover all the ways the world is designed for normative, taken-for-granted able-bodiedness. 

The Handstands Holdet is an opportunity for you to try out this form of dissent, and literally and philosophically turn the world upside down – be it because you’re bored, discontent, or want to give your feet a break.

Find more info about Mikkel Schleicher, the host and trainer of the workshop, here: http://mikkelschleicher.dk/

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Written by Elena Stanciu

Elena has an MA in American Studies from SDU, and currently works as Features Editor for arts and culture publication PETRIe. She is interested in visual culture and contemporary art, design an...