Strings-(sun)-rays Over-typhonic setup in Munkemose

Concert | Friday d. 2. Jul. 2021 | Munke Mose, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Buy tickets here | Written by: Anna Skau Tolstrup | Translated by: Francois Picard

Location: Munke Mose & Stryget
Organizer: VisitOdense

Soleima makes that kind of music that makes a bike ride headwind a somewhat more manageable trial. Beats that can embrace the pedals' pedantic and panicky rhythm and lyrics that make you mumble "I wanna daydream with you" to the sticky hurricane that faithfully follows you to work. At the same time, her lines are also whimsical enough to make you think, "syrupy sweet’ was probably a wonderful alliteration" and for a moment remove focus from the sea of incipient beads of sweat that your receding hairline has offered to dance with. In short, Soleima is for me a way to get to the finish line safely, no matter how much headwind the music has had to withstand, and must be said to be a wonderful foundation to add strings to.

When Soleima comes to visit Odense's opening, she has the string ensemble Live Strings with her. Live Strings consists of Nicolai Konnerup on piano and accordion, Karen Pedersen on violin and Live Johansson, and since 2018 they have accompanied Soleima's new interpretations of their own songs in new string-friendly versions. Can it handle a typhoon of a Friday afternoon in Munkemose? I do think so. Of course, yes. I imagine that the combination of strings and Soleima will manage to lift me up above the air layers, so instead of sweaty stepping on the test wheels of life, I can just float and enjoy, all the way up, carried forward by the new winds that Soleima + Live Strings are playing.

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Written by Anna Skau Tolstrup

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