Bobby Mandrup at Galleri Sandberg Debut exhibition from local Bobby Mandrup

Bobby Mandrup at Galleri Sandberg
Exhibition | Wednesday d. 7. Jul. - Sunday d. 11. Jul. 2021 | Vestergade 102, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Bo Jessen | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen

Location: Galleri Sandberg
Organizer: Galleri Sandberg

The photographer Bobby Mandrup will be exhibiting until the 24th of July in a solo debut at the minimalistic Galleri Sandberg at the western end of the pedestrian city center.

Firstly, full disclosure: Boddy Mandrup is an acquaintance, but that’s not why I’m recommending this exhibition instead of a parasol party in Farvergården, or other good candidates for your summer week.

Bobby has a special ability of stepping into the people he photographs. The pictures are never straight forward, but they’re always honest. They are dreamy, but at the same time alert and present. Enticingly erotic. Fuzzy and naked. Matter of fact. Intimate.

As always, good portraits come into being between the photographer and the subject. Both put something of themselves into the image, a fact which is always obvious in Bobby’s work.

The pictures are so visceral that you either want to keep scrolling to see the next frame, or you get caught and are unable to move on from that frozen moment.

Perhaps it’s because Bobby is a mysterious acquaintance at the periphery of my circle of friends, but I’m always hunting for more of him than I get to see in his photographs. I imagine circumlocutory trains of thought. Sometimes too many of them at once. The ability to see beauty where no-one else does. But also a bit of artistic vanity.

Some kind of hard, sharp root which holds all of this in an impossible balance, where the tension in the photographs is at the very greatest. It is enormously appropriate that the images will be exhibited precisely on Galleri Sandberg’s beautiful white walls.

Monday: Open by appointment
Tuesday: Open by appointment
Wednesday: 11-17
Thursday: 11-17
Friday: 11-17
Saturday: 11-15
Sunday: Closed.

Stop by on Friday the 9th of July, where there will be drinks in the summer heat. Or hold on until Thursday the 15th of July next week, when Bobby will drop in for an artist talk.

Link to the event

Written by Bo Jessen

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