Hermes on Kongensgade God of the merchants and peace with Chinese characters

Hermes on Kongensgade
Other | Monday d. 19. Jul. - Sunday d. 25. Jul. 2021 | Odense | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Anders Skovgaard | Translated by: Laura Malahovska

Location: Odense by
Organizer: Os alle

I have a love for fountains. Water sculptures in general. Therefore, the slightly overlooked installation at the end of Kongensgade by Østre Stationsvej has always caught my attention when I passed by. I'm a big fan! The slightly abstract, but still symbolic work is called Hermes, which is god for the merchants, and was created by Mogens Møller.

There are many elements in play at the same time. The granite elements, the water dripping slowly over the surface, Chinese characters as well as copper elements mounted on the granite ridge of the waterfall. It tries a lot, but it's actually damn cool too. In addition, the work is spread down Kongensgade with large solid granite pillars, so-called colossi, that stand guard over the traders.

Back on the waterfall, you can notice Hermes' small wings and snakes on the waterfall. To begin with, they look like mistakes, but with the symbolism in mind, it makes good sense. The Chinese characters mean PEACE on the side facing Østre Stationsvej and MOGENS MØLLER towards the street. The work itself is produced in China. Further down the street, on one of the granite pillars, are the names of the Chinese manufacturers.

Mogens Møller is a relatively well-known artist in the Danish duck pond. Most widespread is probably the portrait of the Queen, which since 2001 has been on the 10- and 20-krone coins, the monument Fredens Port in Copenhagen, which he made together with colleagues Hein Heinsen and Stig Brøgger and the nine vases on Axeltorv, also in Copenhagen. Mogens Møller died a little over a month ago, on 16 June 2021 (b. 1934), so it’s in many ways appropriate to send a small appreciative thank you here. Hermes still takes good care of Odense's merchants.

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Written by Anders Skovgaard

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