Insect hunt The world of the ant and all its neighbours. Insect hunt in Munke Mose.

Insect hunt
Nature | Friday d. 13. Aug. - Saturday d. 14. Aug. 2021 | Munke Mose, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Henrik Kragh | Translated by: Christoffer Henneberg

Location: Munke Mose & Stryget
Organizer: Det Fynske Dyrskue

When I was little I loved to look at insects. Especially ants and flies. Those two species. I would look at them extensively and admire their endless diligence. I hated spiders and worms though and would throw them out of our garden. Out in the fields. Eventually I turned to girls, education, music and many other things and forget all about insects. Until a day five years ago when I bought the book Ants by biologist Hans Joachim Offenberg. A great book in the University of Århus’ series “Pauses for thought – everyday wisdom”. Ants are well known for their diligence and desire to conquer. They have pets, chemical weapons and advanced agriculture. Most ants in an anthill have a particular purpose, e.g. supplying bulding materials or clean the halls of the queen. A special unit is given the task to run fast out of the anthill if an enemy approaches and then blow themselves up into the air by a chemical reaction in their stomachs. Another unit will have to inflate itself and covering up the holes in case of an enemy approaching. The ants cannibalize, take slaves and subverts our terraces. This is why we kill them when we really should domesticate them and cooperate with 25 percent of the worlds animal biomass. That is more than man. I became a real myrmecophile after reading the book!

I recommend people of all ages to go insect hunting in Munke Mose. There is much more life there than you might think. It is explored in Munke Mose, where you can meet a nature guide and lend an insect glass, fish net, a bucket and an insect map - all for free. Watch oung. t for the ants in particular - they are truly fascinating.


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Written by Henrik Kragh

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