Posters are art - liberate the fences!

Posters are art - liberate the fences!
Opinions | Written by: Mira Erik | Translated by: Irina Antonescu | Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The city center went slow motion due to massive rebuilding. This means at least one great thing: lots of construction fences! And lots of construction fences means plenty of space to hang your posters on.

Under Livet, Odense

Leipzig, Germany


Leipzig, Germany

But, no, wait! You can't do that??!! "It's considered commercial enterprise if Røde Himmel hang up posters for their concert because they earn money for it, and it's not allowed to advertise for commercial interest," says the municipality, guarding the fences, "they are reserved for selected and funded street art". The municipality's citizen-oriented redevelopment unit, Fra Gade til By (From Street to City), says no to poster art - because it is not categorized as art.

"THE MUNICIPALITY says no to poster art"

But poster art is art. It has been ever since Toulouse-Lautrec made the first posters for Moulin Rouge in 1892:

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paris 1892

The poster is style, the poster is analog, the poster is wallpaper and material, it's skills, it's knack, it's status, it's immediate environment, it's dedication, it's aesthetics, it's rhetoric, it's bait, it's flirt, it's 'come', it's art.

Therefore, emergency call to the municipality on liberalization and (anti)action: Liberate the fences!

Peter Pan, Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany

Or, the poster can be art. If the blood runs through the veins, and not everything is reduced to settlement and turnover to those who present their things. Therefore,

Emergency call for love and call for action to the cultural institutions and artists: Let the poster art free!

We want you, we crave for your blood and we dream of your art. Choke us with beauty, call on us and bother us. Then we come.

Røde Himmel, Odense

Klub Golem, Odense

Den Røvsmalle Biograf, Odense

The Art Academy, Odense

"We dream of your art. choke us with beauty"

More Røde Himmel, Odense

Unknown, Odense

SLIME, teenage warning in Leipzig, Germany

all the empty places, Leipzig

Simple, good, in Leipzig

Tear it up, graphic designers! Leipzig, Germany

The naughty (where did these ones dissapear?)

And the time-consuming? Here's linoleum print from DDK (Denmark's Democratic Women's Federation)

We want to be lured by the building fences, so we know that the city is alive, while it grows.





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