Odense Isstadion Take a trip to the hockey arena and drink an ice cold beer

Odense Isstadion
| Møllemarksvej 75, Odense V | Written by: Anders Skovgaard | 3 recommendations

In the arena the players become heroes; armour-clad giants of the cold, who fight until blood stains the ice and body heat lies like a mist around each player. It is a show, a game of broken noses, blackened eyes, missing teeth all around. And we love it! We want to watch them fight and win every puck and take every close combat as if their lives were at stake! And so they do! Hockey players are ruthless and bold masters of their frosty kingdom. In Odense, this kingdom is called Vestfyen Arena and it is home to the city’s team – Odense Bulldogs.

I have only seen Odense Bulldogs live a couple of times, but each time has been a rush. The mood in the oversized freezer with frozen-solid beer is amazing and it alone is well worth the price of admission. Every kind of character shows up in the audience here – from the meaty businessman who wants to get his sponsor’s donation’s worth to the club kid who gets his whole family season tickets and bleeds, breathes and dreams for his club and still would if the world was aflame outside the stadium doors.  

There is good pølser- and beer-atmosphere there, as well as the city’s worst French fries. And there’s nothing better than the classic ice hockey theme that plays when the boys skate into the pitch with smoke and steam! Go to a game and watch the mighty Odense Bulldogs.

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