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Culture | Brandts Passage 34, Odense C | Written by: Mira Erik | 2 recommendations

To curate is a virtue. Curation is the opposite of YouTube and the internet’s interminable, mindless stream of pictures, video, words. Curating is like a real print newspaper, a season of theater, the program of a cinema; it consists of selection, the choice of what is to be shown because it is better than something else; because it is the best and the most relevant. This is what an art gallery is. And this is the kind of art gallery that Jonathan Kvium runs.

And it excites him. The fun and fascination of it. He wants it to be an awesome space. A free space. A regular playdate. A place where artists can make things happen, and things can happen for the artists. “My criteria for what to put in the gallery is goosebumps. Nothing else. I’m the one who decides, I’m the one who chooses, I’m the one looking for something extraordinary in a sea of the ordinary. And this is the place where my perspective as a curator will be tested; this is where I have to prove myself.”

“I see myself as a servant of the artists. Curation is a thing that happens constantly and spontaneously inside me; I’ve grown up in and been completely galvanized by art, so I really can’t help it. For me, making the perfect display is magical – whether it be a single artist I’m showing, or a group like, for example, ‘quadruple vernissage’, where four artists have to be presented so that they complement and challenge each other, and together create an atmosphere which is fantastic for audience, buyers, and friends to enter into.”

We’ve gotten a new place to meet; new coordinates for art; beauty has a new address.

Come without expectations, or find @albertcontemporary on Instagram and read a presentation of the artists ahead of time.  

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